Ordering procedure and explanations to the RSR Upgrade Kit

22.11.2019 10:19

Dear customers,

many have already noticed that the RAGE-RC webshop went online. The shop already contains all spare parts, kits and also the upgrade set.

Through many customer requests, we have noticed some confusion about the upgrade set. We want to make it more clear now. We offer the upgrade at a strongly subsidized price, so that as many CHRONOS 700 owners as possible can convert their helicopters.

Due to the low price, it will be available only through us or a few dealers seing it as a pure customer service.

There are currently more than 2500 CHRONOS 700 on the market. We simply can not estimate a reliable number of required upgrade sets and we can not stock a product with these subsidies in bigger quantities.

Therefore, we will offer the subsidized upgrade (especially for the first two batches) only on order and by prepayment. The upgrade is a great way to get an even more powerful helicopter that has been improved in terms of its core elements and will then have a complete spare parts supply.
In the later batches, we will offer the upgrade at a normal price. However, this will have to be significantly more expensive.

The topic of additional weight savings is a frequently asked question. Customers who purchase an upgrade set will receive a special discount of 10% on the swashplate (article number: RSP-0010) and the motor mount (article number: RSP-0017) if these components are ordered together with the upgrade. These assemblies allow the additional largest weight savings.

We ask our customers to take a look at the spare parts prices and the contents of the packages. We were able to reduce almost all spare parts in price compared to the previous ones of Compass.