CHRONOS RSR 700 barebone - grey/green canopy

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The Main Gear is one of the most striking changes. This is now more massive and produces less axial forces due to a reduced helix angle of the gear. The new production site allows the machining of larger diameter parts. Now the diameter of the main gear hub could be greatly increased. This results' in the deflection under load being significantly reduced thereby also reducing wear. We replaced the cup roller clutch with a new more modern and stronger design which allows the permissible torque to be almost doubled.

The tailrotor now uses an aluminum tail pulley and the tailrotor blade holder from the eXo. The tail boom itself is no longer circular but is a modified tear drop-shape with increased height in the vertical axis. This modification results in a much stiffer and stronger tail boom, allowing removal of the rear boom supports, reducing weight and complexity. The tail control rod runs inside the tail boom and is practically invisible. Also, the large pulley in the chassis is now made of 6061-T6 aluminum. The main rotor shaft is no longer stepped in diameter, it has a constant 14mm diameter and is hollow. This allows for a stronger main shaft and eliminates stress concentrations at the point where a shaft steps in diameter. Linkages with right-left thread allow simple, smooth, and continuously fine adjustment of the swash plate linkages. The mass of the swash plate has been reduced by almost 50%. Also, the landing gear, the motor mount, and almost all other components have been redesigned to reduce weight. The results of all changes have allowed a weight reduction of about 300g ( 10.56oz ).

The height of the frame was reduced and the distance from the rotor circle to the CG was reduced by almost 15mm. The canopy has kept its aggressive shape but is now slightly flatter and narrower. This leads to a slight increase in the achievable airspeed.

Increasing the ease of operation was also an important issue we addressed. The battery tray system was provided with a quick-lock. By pulling the locking button, the battery can be unlocked and removed. The new battery is simply inserted and securely fixed in place by setting the locking button. The well known and tested Canopy Quick Release system has also been reworked and is now less prone to tilting when releasing or locking.

Like its' predecessor, the new Chronos RSR has an automatic belt tensioner, and the CRS rotor head has two thrust bearings per blade holder. The damping characteristics of the head are infinitely adjustable. This makes it possible to optimize the model for every available type of flybarless control system, and to suit all flying styles. The CRS rotor head has a sophisticated geometry that largely eliminates angular errors. Especially at high cyclic rates, the helicopter wins precision. An exactly parallel linkage between the swashplate and blade holder, a deliberately designed obliquely running linkage effectively eliminates any existing angle error between the servos and the swash plate by effectively adding a carefully calculated intentional angular compensation error term.

Owners of older versions of Chronos can upgrade to the newest version through a low-cost upgrade set which allows full spare part compatibility while also giving a noticeable gain in performance. The weight of the Chronos' pure mechanics including mounting material, the battery tray, all screws, and the canopy (180g ( 6.34oz )) about 2180g. (76.74oz or 4.8lb.).

Technical specifications:

  • Lenght: 1334mm
  • Width: 192mm (Canopy 162 mm)
  • Height: 395mm
  • Gear Ratio (14T): 9.29 : 1 : 5
  • Take Off Weight with Battery: 4700 - 5600 g
  • Motor specs: brusless outrunner - shaft lenght 34mm (33 is possible too) and 400 to 600KV
  • Rotor Blades: 685 - 710 mm
  • Rotor Diameter: 1570 mm (with 700 mm rotor blades)
  • Battery Capacity (12S): 4500 - 6000 mAh *
  • Battery Capacity (14S: 4000 - 5000 mAh *
  • C-Rate: 25 - 60C
  • Maximum Headspeed: 2200 RPM **
  • Maximum Collectiv Pitch: +/- 13 ***
  • Electronic Speed Controller: min. 120A HV ****
  • Teeths (Maingear): 130
  • Drill Size Motor Pinion: 6 mm

* = The weight of the battery should be about 1350 - 2000g!
** = The helicopter is able to hold higher headspeeds. The manufacturer limited the headspeed for safety reasons.
The maximum allowed headspeed is 2200 rounds per minute!
*** = For safety reasons and for long lifetime the maximum allowed collectiv pitch is +/- 13!
**** = Minimum continous current is 120A. We recommend to use a 120-200A ESC!To ground the helicopter, you can use a piece of fine sandpaper to remove a little bit of the black anodizing between the front tail boom clamp in the frame with care.


  • Chronos 700 body - barebone
  • Pinion 14T
  • manual english/german
  • Unfortunately, at the start of the flying season 2018, we learned that the Compass Model Company no longer existed. Immediately it was clear that we did not want to let the products completely die and so we started to look for new suppliers, and we started a Design and Development program to further enhance the design and performance of the previous Compass models. The first new model received the name Chronos RSR with good reason, RSR stands for Resurrected. We took the opportunity to completely redesign our popular and reliable 700 size model. The aim was to adapt to the increased load demands from the new fast-flying style with brutal changes of flight direction --- while reducing the weight!

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